July 7, 2004
written by Albert and Betty Murch

Dear Bob & Gary,

Thanks for sending us an invitation to your reception.  I am pleased for you and Gary and that you are happy with your arrangement.

I love you both and always will but in my heart I cannot call it a marriage. 

I cannot call your legal arrangement the same as Mimi’s and my marriage.  Legal and Equal rights can be given in writing by humans but G-d does not ever give equal rights to every or any one. 

For example, Mimi and I had the legal, moral, and religious right to create children who in turn create our grandchildren who in turn create great grandchildren and so on.  They are all a part of us, a right given to us by G-d, that your arrangement can never have because it was given by man and not by G-d.  We have that right and all the rights given by man.

We have enjoyed the love of our children while they were growing u, seeing their experiences and sharing with them.  We are seeing our great grandchildren now growing up, a right given by G-d and knowing they are part of us.

These are my reasons for the difference that I see between our marriage and your arrangement or union or marriage as you call it. 

Therefore, I cannot come to your reception.  I hope you have a happy one and will have a happy life together.

Thankfully we live in a free country and where we must love our family, our friends and neighbors, and we do.

Please come visit us when you can.  We will always welcome you both with love and happiness.

With love and best wishes always,

Bubba & Mimi

(I love you Bob, I feel the same way) - Mimi

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