April 27, 2004
written by Carol Sapol, Robert Murch's mother - part of the April 27th packet to the Massachuetts state legislature

Dear Legislators:

I am not a writer but rather a mother who feels compelled to write to you. 

As a small girl I lived amongst immigrants whose personal stories of discrimination and persecution filled my childhood; tales of heroic journeys driven by a quest to live in a country that guaranteed them and their families a future of hope, liberty, dignity, freedom, and equality.

As I grew a little older, I was given a human rights lesson from survivors of the Holocaust as I learnt up close and personal the consequences of bigotry, hatred, persecution, and second class citizenship.  Their experiences with intolerance and discrimination left an indelible mark - one which taught me to respect and honor the rights of individuals and to never forget the consequences of intolerance.

I have tried to raise both of my sons with these same values.  Years ago my youngest son, Robert Murch, told me he was gay.  My main concern was that he would not be given the same protection and rights as other citizens in this commonwealth or in this country.  My hopes and dreams were equally the same for both of my sons and I was sure that I hadn’t brought him into the world to be a “second class citizen”.  I never expected Massachusetts to be the first state to recognize same sex marriage and ensure his equality among the citizens of Massachusetts but I have never been more proud to be a citizen of this great state. 

I hope that when you view this DVD you will see the same joy in celebration of a marriage as occurs in any other family and you will carry those images with you as you return to the Massachusetts convention.  As a legislator you have been bestowed a most solemn obligation to protect and ensure equality without prejudice for all citizens.  When you cast your vote I pray that you cast it as a witness for equality, voting for marriage not civil unions; vowing to protect my son’s rights and to not take away from him that which has already been granted. 

Thank you for your time.


Carol Sapol
Mother of Two

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