They said it: Memorable quotes from the pages of Sunday in 2004
by Compiled North Shore Sunday staff
North Shore Sunday
Friday, December 24, 2004

"You certainly don't bring a child into the world to have them be considered a second-class citizen without rights like everyone else ... As a mother, you have the same dreams for your child, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual."      
- Carol Sapol, while helping her son, Salem's Bob Murch, and his future husband, Gary Halteman, plan their wedding     

"When people find out you're a fisherman, it almost opens the door for them to start using the worst language they know. It's like they're trying to impress you, like that's the way we talk on the boat."
- Gloucester fisherman Mark Riggs on swearing      

"People like things that have to do with death. They like bones, they like skeletons and they like things in jars like pickled fetuses. They like seeing that a whole lot more than they like seeing the largest carrot in the world."      
- Salem's Christian Marcus, the man behind "Mr. Marcus' Empire Museum," a traveling gallery of oddities      

"I've never authenticated a Guinness world record event before, but I have authenticated a number of pints of Guinness."      
- Swampscott Rabbi Neal Loevinger at last summer's Great Shofar Blowout       

"I really hadn't planned on it."      
- WEEI "Big Show" host Glenn Ordway on whether he ever thought about moving back to his hometown of Lynn      

"If I were a space alien and I wanted to know what was going on in the Boston sports scene, I'd listen to Glenn Ordway."      
- Boston Herald sportswriter Michael Felger, possibly severely misjudging the priorities of space aliens, on Ordway       

"I've seen dozens of fender benders, I've seen fights. I once saw this nice pretty lady get out of her car, give someone the finger and scream 'Why don't you f-ing move your f-ing car.'"      
- Salem newspaper stand owner Donald Lord on the city's infamous traffic circle      

"Unfortunately, most transsexuals don't blend into society very well."      
- Forty-eight-year-old Haverhill transsexual Krystle on the difficulties of being transgendered      

"It's become a travesty against humanity."      
- Saugus resident Dr. Kenneth Crannell on the state of the spoken English language      

"I probably know 1,500 people who were good enough to get paid to do this and I bet I don't know 10 who are making enough money to buy a house or have a car to drive."      
- Lynn musician Don White on the difficulties of trying to make it in the business      

"There are ways of killing people and then there are ways of killing people. You can do the hideous killings the way Hitler did, but you can also do the killing of spirit and identity."      
- Flori Schwartz, chairman of the North Shore advisory committee of the Anti-Defamation League, on growing anti-Semitism      

"When my wife was growing up in Salem, she says she remembers a sign at the desk of the country club on the Salem-Swampscott line that said 'No Dogs or Jews Allowed.'"      
- Jewish Journal North of Boston publisher Mark Arnold      

"It gets me into the best gas stations."      
- Essex resident Peter Berkrot on how his small role in "Caddyshack" has helped him in life       

"I truly feel like a swan ... I have a few men around the neighborhood who notice me now and ask me for coffee and that makes me feel good."       
- Grace D'Amore, 79, who along with four other members of her family received plastic surgery from Lynn's Dr. Sheldon Sevinor      

"It's kind of like getting radical cancer treatment. You do it when all hope is lost so you jump on a plane and go to some foreign country to do something that the Food and Drug Administration won't allow. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone."      
- Chelsea town manager Jay Ashe on a city going into receivership, which had come up in Saugus      

"I'd love to go into a CVS and find a stack of books explaining the Easter mystery in children's terms, rather than the story of the bunny who lost his friend."      
- Saugus priest Rev. John Mulloy on the lost meaning of Easter      

"There is nothing in this world that can replace baseball and what it means to the Dominican people. There's no sport or political figure that could possibly fill that void."      
- Jose Mota, a former major-leaguer and a technical advisor on a baseball documentary by Gloucester resident Chad Carlberg      

"Let's face it, if the Jehovah's Witnesses are canvassing the neighborhood, I don't think too many people will be upset if their house gets skipped."      
- Former Topsfield selectman Joe Iarocciin the wake of a controversy over attempts to band door-todoor religion peddlers      

"I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. I went looking for an alll-encompassing plan. I wanted to take someone else's policy and apply it to Rockport and, well, there wasn't one."      
- Rockport Police Sgt. Mark W. Schmink, who devised a plan for dealing with Columbine-style incidents in schools      

"Serving alcohol to minors is a recipe for disaster. It's no different than driving down Route 95 with a blindfold on as far as I'm concerned."
- Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett       

"My God, why did I stop at a master's degree? Why didn't I say I had a Ph.D. while I was at it?"      
- Marblehead Selectman John Liming, lamenting his decision to fabricate several degrees on his resume       

"We're dying so fast. We're really hoping as many vets can attend the monument dedication as possible and there are fewer and fewer every day."       
- Mike Linquata, 79, on the efforts of his committee to establish a World War II memorial in Gloucester     

"The level of compassion available from dogs in times of grief changed my life. At the end of the day, if you've ever known the love of a dog, you feel constantly at a deficit to pay it back. I said, 'Whatever I do next, it'll be in the company of dogs.' "      
- Tom O'Leary, who went on to start a company for dogs, Beverly's Dog Spa       

"I think the mystique of computer games may be leveling off or at least it's losing its magic ... If you really want to sit down and have a verbal slap fight with somebody, a board game is a good way to do it."      
- Hamilton's Larry Harris, who designed the board game "Axis & Allies"      

"What can happen in North Station can happen on the North Shore. The potential for terrorism doesn't just reside in the city and the train in Gloucester travels to the city."      
- Jon Carlisle of the Executive Office of Transportation and Communication       

"I lost a friend over there recently. And there are people over there getting shot at and killed every day so I have the freedom to walk into Dunkin' Donuts and get a coffee. The least I can do is send those guys some candy and Kool-Aid."      
- U.S. Marines Captain and North Shore Leathernecks member Dave Baril on efforts to send care packages to the troops in Iraq      

"I often say, and I don't know if you want to print this, that you can't be very egocentric when you get peed on as part of your job."      
- Lynn native and world-renowned pediatrician Howard Pearson       

"I think Karl Rove, the president's campaign advisor, knows that Cheney's got to be dumped. They probably would prefer he had a heart attack than have to fire him."      
- Perennial presidential candidate and Lynn English graduate Lyndon LaRouche, sizing up the competition      

"The KGB was always watching us musicians."     
- Singer, cobbler and immigrant Viktor Harlov of Beverly, on life as a musical artist in his native Belarus      

"Over my dead body will they ever disassociate this town from witches."      
- Christian Day, co-director of Haunted Salem, on efforts to brand Salem as a maritime city     

"Drink from the passion of life as much as you can, because death is following us. Look at the sun, feel the crisp air, make love to your lover, enjoy food and live today to the fullest."      
- October advice from Shawn Poirier, high priest of the Salem Witches       

"He loved people and that's why he was such a good portrait artist. He loved women. He loved their company. Anyone who sat for him fell in love with him. Sometimes people were jealous because he had all those beautiful women sitting for him, but that's because they loved his art. People used to say, 'I want my portrait done.' He used to say, 'Get me before I die.' "      
- Cape Ann artist Carol Kriekis on her friend, the late Armand Sindoni      

"Get away from me, kid. I'm hideous. Save yourself."      
- North Shore Sunday reporter Dinah Cardin, describing her reaction when a young man offered her water following a particularly visceral bout of seasickness aboard the schooner Thomas E. Lannon      

"I know two things. Fishes and shoes."      
- Renowned Gloucester poet Vincint Ferrini, 91       

"A lot of teamwork is needed on an issue like this, and if communities don't start using the tools we've been given now, using them five or 10 years from now might be too late."      
- Beverly's Mike Davis, a drinking water organizer for Clean Water Action in Boston, on the state of the area's water supply      

"They're the big draw here. If it weren't for them, there would be no business at all in Salem. Pickering Wharf was just a loser's club. There was never anybody down there."      
- Galant Gallery owner Frank Thompson on the importance of the Peabody Essex Museum to Salem         

"When this developer called me up and said to me, 'There's coyotes up there, you've got to get them out of there,' I just looked at him and said, 'Well, did you give them an eviction notice?' "      
- Saugus Canine Officer Harold Young      

"Thank you very much. Oh, I think I hurt myself on that one."      
-Joey Canzano, the "Man of Many Voices," upon finishing his set with a medley at Prince Pizzeria in Saugus       

"I'm seeing bipolar disorder, depression and an incredible number of kids with clinical anxiety and I think it's because they're not learning enough about interpersonal interaction to get through their teen years healthily. And they're not learning because they're interfacing with screens all the time."      
- Beverly's Dr. Brian Orr, who practices at Gloucester's Cape Ann Pediatricians, on the "screenager" phenomenon       

"It adds some validity. You're part of something larger. You're not just some weirdo working alone."       - Artist and instructor Lara Lepionka on the importance of networking for artists      

"If somebody asked me today, 'I'm going to Thailand next week, should I go?' The answer would be 'Yes. Just don't go to the zoo or to a place where you pick out a live chicken for dinner.' "      
-Dr. Edward Butler, infectious disease expert for Hallmark Health, cautioning people not to overreact to the avian flu      

"This is cuckoo," "This is crazy," "This blows," "I'm shocked," "Jesus" and "You idiots have been standing in line for how long?"      
- Statements overheard in the line at the Liberty Tree Mall prior to the 6 a.m. day-after-Thanksgiving opening      

"My opponent is insinuating that I voted to get rid of CORI checks, which is ridiculous. This is a disgusting attack on my character and represents everything evil about Texas-style campaigning."      
- State Rep. Mark Falzone, D-Saugus, reacting to glossy fliers mailed out by the state GOP      

"People in authority bully people. I don't like bullies."      
- Longtime nuclear safety whistle-blower Steve Comley of Rowley on his new battle, with the state DEP      

"It's become so innocuous, with Captain Feathersword. A real pirate would go out there and cut the Wiggles apart and take anything of value he could carry with him."      
- David Stickney of the Salem Pirate Faire on the disconnect between actual and pop-culture pirates      

"They have giant bladders on the front of their heads and they pee in each other's faces as a form of aggressive communication. They also flirt that way."      
- "The Secret Life of Lobsters" author Trevor Corson, telling a Gloucester audience more than it wanted to know about the habits of crustaceans

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